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Vault Door

Hamilton's GSA Class 5 Vault Door conforms to Federal Specification AA-D-600 and is approved for use by all federal agencies.

Our Vault Doors are all of the out swing design, either left, or right opening swing, color is gray. Doors can be provided with an optional optical device for viewing either into or out of the vaulted area. Where this Class 5 Vault Door is to be used for storage of National Security information (classified), where 20 Man-hours of surreptitious entry protection is required, a combination lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740 is provided. Where classified information is not going to be stored, such as for weapons, funds and evidence, a combination lock meeting UL Specification 768, Group I will meet these requirements. This door is listed as an armory door and is provided with a GSA Approved Class 5 Vault Door Label. Optional Day Gates are also available, in either, Left or right Swing.

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